Jquery script freezing browser but working

i'm trying to make a live search for my mobile website, I don't want to query the database every time a user type a letter so I created a ordered list with all the names that can be searched for and i'm looping through it with jquery, problem is that I have 3300 names and it's freezing the browser when it searches through them, can anyone give me a tip about better ways to do it? here is my code: $(document).ready(function(){ $("input#search").keyup(function(){ var filter = $(this).val(), count = 0; var html = ""; $("ol.pacientes li").each(function(){ var nome_paciente = $(this).text(); if(nome_paciente.indexOf(filter.toUpperCase()) != -1){ html = html + " " + nome_paciente; } $('#pacientes_hint').html(html); });

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