How can i get json data from javascript file?

I have request $.ajax({ url: '', data: { client: "x", text: sourceText, sl: langFrom, tl: langTo }, dataType: 'jsonp', success: function (data) { alert("Success"); } In response to this process i have file t.js . The contents of this file is { "sentences":[{ "trans":"был в школе", "orig":"був в школі", "translit":"byl v shkole", "src_translit":"buv v shkoli" }], "src":"uk", "server_time":40 } But in dragonfly i have javascript error Syntax error at line 1 while loading: {"sentences":[{"trans":"вход вых ------------^ expected ';', got ':' I need get trans obj.
Why are you using JSONp and not just JSON? JSONp is typically used for cross domain 'requests'.

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