How many XMLHttpRequests cause server strain?

I am making a simple PHP and JavaScript multiplayer game. Here is a quick rundown of how it will work: when a user does something, it is submitted with ajax to a php script, which saves a few charachters representing the action taken to a text file on the server. Every so often (to be exact, 430 milliseconds), the other player's computer submits something to another php script, which checks for new content on that text file. If there is new content, it is returned to the client-side and displayed on the other users screen. The only thing is, I am new to ajax, php, and anything server and do not want to crash the server. To make sure I do not crash the server, I need to know if submitting an XMLHttpRequest every 430 millisecoinds is a potential cause of major server strain. Not only that, but BOTH players will submit an XMLHttpRequest every 430 milliseconds. I can easily raise it to 450 milliseconds, but anything beyond that will be a problem.
to the server, all the HTTP requests are the same. It doesn't matter if it was done by browser or some javascript. So, emphasizing XMLHttpRequest makes no sense in this context.

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