OpenOffice .xls export to PDF causes check boxes to overlap

[OpenOffice][1] Excel file export to PDF is being done programmatically and I wish to know if there is a way to resolve this issue by maybe passing some kind of flag or something during the conversion process which will make the cell background transparent in the PDF document. Please note an example PDF output. The original Excel file does not overlapping edges at all: This is the original Excel file before PDF export: Both OpenOffice 2.4 and 3.0 have this same defect. Suggestions would be most welcome, this is the last thing holding this project up. Follow this link for an example on the OpenOffice website: Here is the issue tracker link: And some code for you, it is [Jython][2] 2.2.1 with Java 2.5. def _save_as_pdf(self, docSource): dirName=os.path.dirname(docSource) baseName=os.path.basename(docSource) baseName, ext=os.path.splitext(baseName) dirTmpPdfConverted=os.path.join(dirName + DIR + PDF_TEMP_CONVERT_DIR) if not os.path.exists(dirTmpPdfConverted): os.makedirs(dirTmpPdfConverted) pdfDest=os.path.join(dirTmpPdfConverted + DIR + baseName + ".pdf") url_save=self._create_UNO_File_URL(pdfDest) properties=self._create_properties(ext) try: try: self._xstorable=UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XStorable, self._doc) self._xstorable.storeToURL(url_save, properties) except AttributeError,e:"saving as pdf has problem: (" + str(e) + ")") raise e except:"storeToURL exception") raise finally:"converted document " + baseName + ext) if not self._doc: xCloseable = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XCloseable, self._doc) if not xCloseable: try: xCloseable.close(false) except CloseVetoException, (ex): xComp = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XComponent, self._doc) xComp.dispose() else: xComp = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XComponent, self._doc) xComp.dispose() self._doc=None def _create_properties(self,ext): properties=[] p=PropertyValue() p.Name="Overwrite" p.Value=True properties.append(p) p=PropertyValue() p.Name="FilterName" if ext==".doc": p.Value='writer_pdf_Export' elif ext==".rtf": p.Value='writer_pdf_Export' elif ext==".html": p.Value='writer_pdf_Export' elif ext==".htm": p.Value='writer_pdf_Export' elif ext==".xls": p.Value='calc_pdf_Export' elif ext==".tif": p.Value='draw_pdf_Export' elif ext==".tiff": p.Value='draw_pdf_Export' properties.append(p) return tuple(properties) [1]: [2]:
Why don't you raise an actual BUG with OOo (I know you've already asked on their fora).

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