HttpClient with SSLCaching and a Keystore on Android

I want to make a connection to an https server using SSL client authentication and SSL caching. As far as I can tell you can only have one or the other and I dont see a reason why that would be. Currently I am using a DefaultHttpClient which takes a ClientConnectionManager which I have set up with an SSLSocketFactory loaded with a pkcs12 KeyStore so I can perform the SSL client authentication. I also found SSLCertificateSocketFactory.getHttpSocketFactory() which can be passed an SSLSessionCache. I then register the socket factory SchemeRegistry registry = new SchemeRegistry(); registry.register(new Scheme("https",socketFactory , port)); and use the registry to make a ClientConnectionManager and then an HttpClient ThreadSafeClientConnManager ccm = new ThreadSafeClientConnManager(httpParameters, registry); httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient(ccm, httpParameters); but I dont know how to give either the SSLSocketFactory an SSLSessionCache, or the SSLCertificateSocketFactory a keystore Lastly I looked into using an AndroidHttpClient which you can pass a Context which it will use for SSLCaching, but I cannot find any way to get an AndroidHttpClient to use my ClientConnectionManager. Am I missing something or is this really impossible? Thanks

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