How to include multiple tables programmatically into a Sweave document using R

I want to have a sweave document that will include a variable number of tables in. I thought the example below would work, but it doesn't. I want to loop over the list foo and print each element as it's own table. % \documentclass[a4paper]{article} \usepackage[OT1]{fontenc} \usepackage{longtable} \usepackage{geometry} \usepackage{Sweave} \geometry{left=1.25in, right=1.25in, top=1in, bottom=1in} \listfiles \begin{document} <>= startt<-proc.time()[3] library(RODBC) library(psych) library(xtable) library(plyr) library(ggplot2) options(width=80) #Produce some example data, here I'm creating some dummy dataframes and putting them in a list foo<-list() foo[[1]]<-data.frame(GRP=c(rep("AA",10), rep("Aa",10), rep("aa",10)), X1=rnorm(30), X2=rnorm(30,5,2)) foo[[2]]<-data.frame(GRP=c(rep("BB",10), rep("bB",10), rep("BB",10)), X1=rnorm(30), X2=rnorm(30,5,2)) foo[[3]]<-data.frame(GRP=c(rep("CC",12), rep("cc",18)), X1=rnorm(30), X2=rnorm(30,5,2)) foo[[4]]<-data.frame(GRP=c(rep("DD",10), rep("Dd",10), rep("dd",10)), X1=rnorm(30), X2=rnorm(30,5,2)) @ \title{Docuemnt to test putting a variable number of tables into a sweave Document} \author{"Paul Hurley"} \maketitle \section{Text} This document was created on \today, with \Sexpr{print(version$version.string)} running on a \Sexpr{print(version$platform)} platform. It took approx \input{time} sec to process. <>= cat("Foo") @ that was a test, so is this <>= print(xtable(foo[[1]])) @ \newpage \subsection{Tables} <>= for(i in seq(foo)){ cat("\n") cat(paste("Table_",i,sep="")) cat("\n") print(xtable(foo[[i]])) cat("\n") } #cat("<>= ") @ <>= endt<-proc.time()[3] elapsedtime<-as.numeric(endt-startt) @ <>= fileConn

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