Implementing a pager for's DataList/Repeater

I have a DataList showing the results, and a Repeater that is supposed to be the pager. I decided to use the page number by redirecting with a QueryString parameter, so it will also be bookmarkable ... My problem is mainly in the UI actually. If I put DIV's with their onclick calling a JS function that does window.location = url + pagenumber , then somehow I have to deal with QueryString operations via JS which is a bit messy. If I use LinkButton objects within the ItemTemplate, then the Redirecting happens only when the linkbutton is clicked while whole div has cursor: pointer , you know what I mean. What would be the best approach to this? Thanks in advance. Note: I really want to spend the time and effort implementing my own server-side paging. I think its more fun than reading 3rd party manuals.

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