Bug w/ jQuery .fadeIn and .fadeOut on Text w/ CSS3 Text-Shadow in Chrome

When I try to `.fadeIn` or `.fadeOut` an element (in this particular case, a `
  • `) that holds text that is using the CSS3 text-shadow property in Chrome, I get this weird effect where the text either slightly shrinks or slightly grows right as the fade starts or ends. Everything works fine in Safari and Firefox, the issue only occurs in Chrome. I tried changing the color from hex to rgba because I saw there was an issue with something like that in an earlier version of jQuery, but that still did nothing. the site in question is: http://tylershambora.com/laura Because I haven't cleaned up any of the jQuery, the animations stop loading once you navigate away form index.html and then navigate back to it. just an FYI.
    It's not shrinking or growing, the text-shadow is just disappearing and appearing before the fade actually happens.
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