Clearing a Double Array (I think I am doing it wrong)

Basically, I am building my own pokemon game, however whenever I go into a new "region" the tiles should reset and refresh, however, instead of clearing the old ones out, they just add onto the existing ones, thus causing a lot of issues. I know that once I can successfully clear the old tiles, the game will refresh nice and neat for me. I thought all i had to do was buttonPanels = new JButton[row][col] to make a new (clean) instance of the button array? The whole board is a just a JButton array. Two images below, one of before and one of after I go into a new region. You can see how how in the after photo all the new tiles just add onto the existing ones, which causes a lot of problems. THANK YOU!! :) First time at trying a rpg type thing, so don't be too critical of it so far.
Please boil your question down to a simple code snippet that illustrates the problem.

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