Why is Realm setting required in Server.xml and not web.xml

I am working on a Java application for a while. I primarily work on .NET Platform. Although I feel lot of concepts are common between these two platforms but there are few areas where I am finding some issues related to the configuration. I am working on Authentication and Authorization and thought I would get something similar to Membership APIs of .NET in JAVA. Closest which I got was using j_security_check. I also got to know about JAAS but think it is little too deep for me to dive into. I have created the user and role tables in the database and now I have to specify the JDBC Realm settings somewhere. I am using Tomcat 7.0. In most places, it's mentioned that I need to specify the realm setting in the server.xml.But wouldn't that apply to all web application deployed on that server since it would become a server level configuration ?. On a site I even saw a developer mentioning about context.xml but again can't see a standard document that mention about using this XML file for setting JDBC realm In.NET, We always put Membership settings at the web.config level and not Machine.config. Totally Confused on this. Looking for some light on this.

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