Netbeans GUI Components don't update after modification

I can't find anyone who has this same problem, so it might just be a simple fix, but I'm creating a Jeopardy game in Netbeans. I created a JPanel Form to design each of the individual squares, and then I added 36 of them (for the 6x6 board) to another JPanel Form which represents the board. That works great, but the problem is that after I add all 36 squares to the board, they are stuck in the state at which I added them. If I change the position or color of a label in the Question JPanel Form, it does not update in the Jeopardy Board JPanel Form. I don't want to re-add 36 Questions and rename all the variables every time I make a change to a sub-component. Is there a way to keep it all in sync?

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