jQuery .each() over .wp-caption

WordPress add an extra 10px to the `.wp-caption` container when a caption in present. I'm trying to use jQuery to remove the extra 10px. I've been able to do this thanks to the answers in [this question][1], but I realized that b/c there are sometimes multiple images in a post, I need to use something to the effect of `.each()` to iterate. The code below works for the first image but then wrongly applies the first image's with to the container of the second image. How can I correct the `.each()` to work properly? jQuery().ready(function() { jQuery(".wp-caption").each(function(n) { var width = jQuery(".wp-caption img").width(); jQuery(".wp-caption").width(width); }); }); Example w/ [javascript on][2] Example w/ [javascript off][3] **Update:** The most streamlined solution from below: jQuery().ready(function( $ ) { $(".wp-caption").width(function() { return $('img', this).width(); }); }); Or substituting `$` with `jQuery` to prevent conflicts: jQuery().ready(function( jQuery ) { jQuery(".wp-caption").width(function() { return jQuery('img', this).width(); }); }); Both work! =) [1]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6628758/use-jquery-to-change-wp-caption-inline-style-from-img-attribute [2]: http://dev.airve.com/blogx/2011/07/test-wp-caption-js/ [3]: http://dev.airve.com/blogx/2011/07/test-wp-caption-no-js/

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