How make working directory files available to WebStart application?

We have to make a Java application demo available on Internet using JWS. It goes pretty well; all that's missing is making working directory files available for the application. We know about the getResource() way... The problem is that we have different plugins for the same application and each one require different files (and often different versions of the same files) in their working directory to work properly. So we just change the working directory when we want the application to have a different behavior. Currently, the demo is packaged in a signed jar file and it loads correctly until it requires a file from the working directory. Obviously, the Internet users of this demo don't have the files ready. We need a way to make these files available to the WebStart application (read/write access) in its working directory. We've thought of some things, like having the application download the files itself when it starts, or package them in the jar and extract them on startup. Looking for advices and/or new ideas. I'll continue working on this... I'll update if I ever find something reliable. Thank you very much!

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