javascript set className property for Internet Explorer

I set className property of a dinamically generated select control with the following code: oField.className ="select"; It works for Firefox not for Internet Explorer. How can I set this property on IE? The code: var oField = document.createElement("select"); if(browser == "IE"){ oField.size = 1; oField.setAttribute("name","sele"+num); oField.onChange = function(){ AggiungiRiga(,oField.value) }; } else{ oField.setAttribute("size",1); oField.setAttribute("name","sele"+num); oField.setAttribute("onChange","AggiungiRiga(,this.value)"); } oField.className ="select"; Here I add it to the document: oTd1.appendChild(oField); (`oTd1` is the `` element where the select control must be place). I know the code is not of good quality cause is legacy code.
Assuming that oField is an HTMLElementNode, that should work just fine in IE. Your problem likely lies elsewhere.

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