Model - persistence and service layers? True?

I am trying to confirm whether this statement is true: **Model includes both:** **persistence layer: essentially DAOs + classes representing tables + DTOs** **service layer: Combinations of DAOS + some logic** Could you also please reference/support your answer? I believed I've seen in Spring Framework good diagram, but no matter how searched this time I can't find it. And the other point: I was always wondering why we abstract stuff so heavily that at some point people just stop understanding, is it done to increase our own value? :\ For example analysing Spring MVC I can say that central piece is controller no matter how you name other layers it is Controller who decides where to go what to extract , how to validate it and which view/controller to pass it on. Yet this simple statement is never found in formal articles keep confusing people. **So Controller is our god.** Controller asking for some method within a class that call methods of another class. On top of it all is wired with dependency injection as we only need a single instance for objects of singleton nature. Controller>Service>DAO that's it .I would really appreciate book written by pragmatics. If people would write books based on how things really are and not how to make look them beautifully drawn in diagrams or written the endless questions as such would never raise in a first place. And I thank stackoverflow for people that always show me the path. ;-)

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