How to tell if an image has loaded correctly

Is there a way to tell, after the fact, whether an image (placed with the `` tag, not via JS) has loaded correctly into a page? I have a gallery of head shots, and occasionally the third-party image server ends up serving up a 404. I can change the server-side code to use an `onerror="showGenericHeadshot()"`, but I really want to avoid making changes to server-side code. Ultimately, I want to determine if an image is missing or broken and replace it with a generic "Image Not Found" graphic. Things I've tried: 1. `Image.prototype.onerror = showGenericHeadshot` -- doesn't work for `` tags 2. `$('img[src*]).error(showGenericHeadshot)` -- doesn't work in IE 3. `$('img[src*]).css('backgroundImage','url(replacementimage.gif)')` -- works, but still doesn't get rid of the broken image icon in IE…

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