defer final value to subclass java

I have a question similar to but which requires a different solution. As in the above case, I want to declare a variable to be Final in the superclass, but I want the subclass to give it the value. What makes my problem different though is that I don't want the value passed in to the subclass, I want the subclass to 'know' its value, so the above solution doesn't work for me. Then I tried to do this: public class Superclass{ public final int x; public Superclass(int x){ this.x = x; } } public class Subclass extends Superclass{ public Subclass(){ x = 1; super(x); } } ...which didn't work (the call to super() must be on the first line :/ ). But this is basically the behavior that I want. Is there a good way to do this? Thanks!
Why are you setting x to 1, and THEN trying to set x to 1 through the superclass?

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