JSF + JPA without EJB or Spring?

I need to make simple CRUD web app (i'll get paid for it), but i don't have any experience in java web development, so i have a few questions just to get going. As far as i understand there's 2 ways to do it: using pure **javaee** with ejb and glassfish server; using **spring** in any other container. The problem is i don't quite understand those technologies and don't have much time to learn. So I've found this http://wrschneider.blogspot.com/2011/09/jsf-jpa-without-ejb-or-spring.html and http://www.swview.org/blog/best-way-use-jpa-web-tier. Looks perfect for my first app. Is this going to work for me? Please have a look at the links i posted. What do you think about them? Thats my question.
And what is your comfort level with Java, Web development and SQL ? These will be crucial before you can decide on anything.

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