Problems dynamically adding to form (trying to use onChange and appendTo)

so I want my form to extend in different ways depending on the selection of a drop down box. I have got my javascript working so that onchanging my selection it will carry out something. But I am trying to use the appendTo() method as I have used before; for adding a single input, to work for implementing a div and a few inputs. Its not working, hence the post ;) so I was hoping you guys could enlighten me as to a better method? here is my current code (courtesy of Mark): var selectmenu = document.getElementById("type"); selectmenu.onchange = function() { var chosenoption = parseInt(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value); switch (chosenoption) { case 1: $('').appendTo('#temp'); break; case 2: $('').appendTo('#temp'); break; case 3: $('').appendTo('#temp'); break; } }; note: updated since answers. here is constructed in [jsfiddle][1] it does nothing currently. Please help? :D [1]:
can we see the html too please ?

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