Unable to do fast I/O of dynamically generated images on a IP camera

I have a image file stored at a remote server (i.e http://example.com/images).The images in this folder are getting updated at the rate of 1 image per 100 milliseconds ***Think of ip cams that transmit MJPEG images*** . I am using apache HTTP client api to connect to my remote server .I am getting a stream of the content HttpClient httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient(); HttpGet httpget = new HttpGet("http://example.com/images/screenshot.jpg"); HttpResponse response = httpClient.execute(httpget); HttpEntity entity = response.getEntity(); if (entity != null) { InputStream instream = entity.getContent(); I am wrapping up the input stream in BufferedInputStream for faster I/O .But since the images are getting generated at very fast rate and they are on an average 250kb in size. I would like to use the NIO features like FileChannel as well as MemoryMappedBuffers to improve the I/O performance as well access generated image files on remote server in non blocking mode. But whatever samples I have seen talk about creating FileInputStream / RandomAccessFiles which take File Object as parameter. I am getting the InputStream as response from remote server which I am unable to convert to FileInputStream to get FileChannel. I would like to know if there is any implementation in apache http client api that gives fileChannels. Or should i explore sockets to get the channel access. I have also exlored javax.imageIO , but not sure if it will meet my requirement of faster I/O
1) What is the bandwidth between your server and client? 2) Can you start the transfers FROM the remote server (via ftp, dir mapping, whatever)?

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