JQuery Mobile DateBox - more than 1 instance

I am using JQuery Mobile Datebox as I am having the following problem. I have page A and page B. If I go to page B and open the date picker called "date2", then close it and click the Home page link, which goes to page A. Now, I'm in page a and I hit the button to open up date picker A, called "date" ... The problem is that I'm getting both opening ... it's like they are both opened or something. How can I kill the instance of the date pickers once closed please? Here's the relevant code for page A: In the head: Then the form / date picker 1:
Now the relevant code for page B in the page head: And the form part:
Anyone has any clues please? Thanks
Satch3000 for most of your questions please add code that you are trying as it's very hard to determine what exactly is going on

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