Switch Statement for Enum Value Representations in Java

I'm very familiar with using Enums in other languages, but I'm having some difficulty in Java with a particular use. The Sun documentation for Enums boldly states: > "Java programming language enums are far more powerful than their counterparts in other languages, which are little more than glorified integers." Well, that's dandy, but I kind of need to have a constant datatype representation for each of the Enums, for comparison reasons in a switch statement. The situation is as follows: I'm constructing nodes which will represent a given space, or 'slot' in a maze graph, and these nodes must be able to be constructed from a 2D integer array which represents the maze. Here's what I've got for the MazeNode class, which is currently where the problem is (the switch statement barks): NOTE: I know this code does not function, due to the dynamic item in the case statement. It is there to illustrate what I'm after. public class MazeNode { public enum SlotValue { empty(0), start(1), wall(2), visited(3), end(9); private int m_representation; SlotValue(int representation) { m_representation = representation; } public int getRepresentation() { return m_representation; } } private SlotValue m_mazeNodeSlotValue; public MazeNode(SlotValue s) { m_mazeNodeSlotValue = s; } public MazeNode(int s) { switch(s) { case SlotValue.empty.getRepresentation(): m_mazeNodeSlotValue = SlotValue.start; break; case SlotValue.end.getRepresentation(): m_mazeNodeSlotValue = SlotValue.end; break; } } public SlotValue getSlotValue() { return m_mazeNodeSlotValue; } } So the code complains on the switch statement with "case expressions must be constant expressions" -- I can see why the compiler might have trouble, since technically they are dynamic, but I'm not sure what approach to take to resolve this. Is there a better way? The bottom line is I need the Enum to have corresponding integer values for comparison against the incoming 2D array of integers in the program.

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