par(mfrow=c(1,2)) > plot(c(1:10...">

"Error in : figure margins too large"

In R, I met a running error as follows: > png("p3_sa_para.png", 4, 2) > par(mfrow=c(1,2)) > plot(c(1:10), ylab="Beta",xlab="Iteration") Error in : figure margins too large > plot(c(1:10), ylab="Gamma",xlab="Iteration") Error in : figure margins too large > X11cairo 2 I have already made the image size small to be 4 by 2, why it still complains "figure margins too large"? How can I solve this problem with png? It is strange that if I change png to pdf, then it will work. I also wonder why? Thanks and regards!
you would save yourself a lot of hassle if you read the help for the R functions you are using. What width and height are on a png device is clearly stated in ?png

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