How to create Axis Web Service Client for a local WSDL file?

i have local WSDL file. i tried to create JAX-WS Web service client which is available by default in Netbeans. But there are problems in accessing the service. So i tried to create Axis Web Service client by installing the plugin. But i don't find any way to import the WSDL and access the services available like JAX- WS Style. I have looked at Create Axis Service from WSDL option but when i import the WSDL i don't find any method available How can i import and access the WSDL in Netbeans using Axis? **EDIT:** The problem is not in accessing, i was successful in invoking the services but in few services i wasn't able to find one method that is part of the service. However when i tried the same in C# environment i was able to find all the method. So that's the reason i was moving to Axis

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