Image transfer from C# TCP Server to Android device

I've succesfully made the connection using TCP Sockets from C# to Java (Android). I can send and receive string messages no problem. However when I try to receive a PNG image sent from C# Server, I get only black screen on Android Activity View. Basically, the Server listens and waits until client sends a message. When the server receives the message, it will respond with sending an image to client. C# Server: private void HandleClientComm(object client) { TcpClient tcpClient = (TcpClient)client; NetworkStream clientStream = tcpClient.GetStream(); byte[] message = new byte[4096]; int bytesRead; while (true) { bytesRead = 0; try { //blocks until a client sends a message bytesRead = clientStream.Read(message, 0, 4096); } catch { //a socket error has occured break; } if (bytesRead == 0) { //the client has disconnected from the server break; } //message has successfully been received. Now let's send an image. byte[] pic = new byte[5000*1024]; pic = ImageConverter.imageToByteArray(System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("C:\\ic_launcher.png")); clientStream.Write(pic, 0, pic.Length); clientStream.Flush(); } Android client: Socket s = new Socket("", 8888); DataInputStream ins = new DataInputStream(s.getInputStream()); BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(s.getOutputStream())); //Let's send output message String outMsg = "TCP connecting to " + 8888 + System.getProperty("line.separator"); out.write(outMsg); out.flush(); //Receive the image from server. int bytesRead; byte[] pic = new byte[5000*1024]; bytesRead =, 0, pic.length); //Decode the byte array to bitmap and set it on Android ImageView Bitmap bitmapimage = BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(pic, 0, bytesRead); ImageView image = (ImageView) findViewById(; image.setImageBitmap(bitmapimage); //Show in android TextView how much data in bytes has been received (for debugging) String received; received= Integer.toString(bytesRead); test.setText(received); //close connection s.close(); Now received variable shows that ~3000 bytes have been transfered, while the image size is actually 4.147 bytes (shown in Windows Explorer), well that doesn't sound right. So anyway why the image does not show up in Android Activity? What am I missing here?
but why you are not try with web services and fetch easily

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