Scrubbing HTML5 video

I've been looking for a solution where i can "scrub" through HTML5 video. I haven't found one yet and was about to start writing my own. But before i do that, i thought it would make some sense to run it past SO first. Before we get into my approach, see this: This site of course is built in Flash but serves as an example of what i would like to achieve using HTML5. I've experimented with the playbackRate (-1) attribute on the video tag without much luck. I suspect this is because the encoding (ogg, mp4, vp8) are better suited to forward playback. with this, i see two possible approaches: 1. create two videos, one for forward play, and another for backwards play. this of course doubles the size of any videos which is not ideal. 2. split the video into individual jpg frames and swap out the images. This would mean i have no sound, but in my particular application, this is not an issue. I feel that the second option is the best suited for my particular application and allows for some flexibility in playback. What do you think?
Don't know much about HTML5 video, but have you tried manipulating the currentTime property?…

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