cannot save image as blob to sqlite

I am using SQLite and I cannot save a image to the database. This is my code : File file = new File(url); try { fis = new FileInputStream(file); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {} fileLenght = (int) file.length(); stat.executeUpdate("create table "+tableName+" (id int,name String ,image Blob, features String);"); prep = conn.prepareStatement("insert into "+tableName+" values (?, ?, ?, ?);"); prep.setBinaryStream(3, fis, fileLenght); This is the error i am getting: java.sql.SQLException: not implemented by SQLite JDBC driver at org.sqlite.Unused.unused( at org.sqlite.Unused.setBinaryStream( I am using the following jar : sqlitejdbc-v056.jar. Any ideas? Thanks

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