For Crestron/Extron, is there any framework in Java Lua D language?

Is there any framework to quickly build staffs with crestron/extron/axix processors via Java or Lua or D language or Ada. Example: - [DiN AP2][1] - [DIN AP2 details][2] - [Fast development pdf][3] - [Gui and builder, but not open source][4] Note: They are always running (never almost goes down), allow to use in touch screen, automation, car embed, home embed, and more or less about SPEED. Just press the physical button and start all the magic, the most accurate real time hardware implementation Follow up: - I ask myself what is crestron? Seeing is believing this explains the visual features: - I ask myself what is extron? google answer it nicely [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
I worked with someone who used to confuse stuff with staff. He wrote a couple of classic emails. After work drinks party; "I came this morning and found staff all over the place", and another "Do anyone know of any old staff we can get rid of" ;)

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