Javascript views in RoR

This mostly theoretical question on good practices and I am interested in opinions of fellow developers. I have been working on an application that uses ajax to fetch, save or update mostly anything. While saving and fetching was not a problem, updating page content according to request result was. Well at least until I have started utilizing javascript views. Now, all I do is create a view for resource that is .js.erb and define what is to happen when view is called (using :remote => true). A dream come true. However, since all good things must come with few gotchas there has to be something with this approach that will eventually come to haunt me. I just don't see it yet. So, opinions... am I about to get bitten?
I'd recommend that you get bitten first. There may be a million things that could get you, yet you can't know before you do anything. It would be better if you ask about a real problem here.

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