Performance of a Javascript Front-End vs C Back-End

I am pulling a JSON file generated on the server, every 5 mins or so (size around 10 KB right now, will get bigger as it goes into production). Once the file is pulled, I have various Javascript Visualization API's, to which I need to plug in the data. My backend is in C, and I am using Jquery/Javascript for visualization. Here are the two approaches that I have: 1. a. Get the entire JSON data ( > 8KB) from the server every 5 mins. b. Parse through the data, using Javascript and extract the required information as per the Javascript API's requirement. (Different visualization api's require different subset of information) c. Display the visualization OR 2. a. Process the data in the back-end itself and extract information as per the Javascript API's and store it in the back-end b. Let each javascript api make independent Ajax calls and get their own data and display it My question is, which of the above two approaches, will yield faster output. Will a backend in C in this case, be faster than a front end in Javascript

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