what is wrong with my javascript in my website?

Can someone explain why my code isn't working, what i want to achieve is a multiple choice quiz with three questions, two of them switch to a red image when clicked, the other goes green and runs javascript which shows a div containing the link to the next page button.
i know my code is a bit messy...sorry arran-15 year old web coder Edit- i have placed it in my dropbox so you can see my problem. [Click Here][1] what i am trying to do is, when you click the image next to tennis or squash it turns red (false.png) and when they click badminton it turns green (true.png), which then makes the next question appear, at the moment only the next question appears and i'm having trouble with the images changing [1]: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13722201/website/quiz.html
Any errors in the JavaScript console?

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