Izpack: Creating custom panels

I am trying to create a custom panel for an IzPack installer. This means that I have to extend `IzPanel`. However, it appears that if I do this, the extended panel [needs to be in](http://izpack.org/documentation/creating-panels.html#id2) the `com.izforge.izpack.panels` package. Then I found [this post](http://old.nabble.com/Adding-custom-panels-without-rebuilding-standalone-compiler.jar-td18297470.html), which stipulates that: 1. As such, you must include installer.jar from the lib folder of IzPack in the build path of your custom panel project. 1. Your custom panel /must/ extend com.izforge.izpack.installer.IzPanel. 1. Furthermore, it /must/ reside in the com.izforge.izpack.panels package. 1. On top of it all, your build jar's name /must/ be the same as the unqualified name of your custom panel class. I take issue with the 1st and 4th points. They imply that I have to create an additional JAR file for **each** custom IzPanel that I create. Also, I would have to modify the IzPack installation by adding these JARs to one of its subdirectories. Is this article outdated (2008) and can it be safely ignored, or is this still true? If not how can I avoid this and simply have the extended IzPanel on the classpath instead? Thank you!

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