an issue while trying to ensure the server is accesible (HostReachable)

I want to check if server is reachable. Found an example here to get server's IP as integer value. Im trying to check it in following way (in activity): boolean s = isHostReachable(getString(R.string.server_address)); but no luck, it returns false, while final int serverIP = getHostIPAsInt(getString(R.string.server_address)); always returns a value. Here are the methods: public static boolean isHostReachable(final String hostName){ try { return InetAddress.getByName(hostName).isReachable(255); } catch (UnknownHostException e) { return false; } catch (IOException e){ return false; } } public static int getHostIPAsInt(final String hostname) { final InetAddress inetAddress = getHostIP(hostname); if (inetAddress==null) return 0; final byte[] addrBytes = inetAddress.getAddress(); final int addr = (addrBytes[3]&0xff) << 24 | (addrBytes[2]&0xff) << 16 | (addrBytes[1]&0xff) << 8 | addrBytes[0]&0xff; return addr; also i tried the following with same result: isInternetWiFi = cm.requestRouteToHost(ConnectivityManager.TYPE_WIFI, serverIP); isInternetMobile = cm.requestRouteToHost(ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE, serverIP); both are false even if i use "". I got a feeling when serverIP is a negative value it always fails... But InetAddress doesn't use the serverIP and still returns false.
trying it with emulator (aos 2.2).
i need to ensure the server is up to continue executing app due 2 app's functionality depends on server (client/server app). But the idea was to check if the device uses (connected via) WiFi which has no real access to the internet like some local area WiFi. So i need to check 1st if server is reachable at all and the second - if it responds.
How2do it?

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