How can you use Python to fill out HTML forms that also have Javascript?

I am making a python program that automatically enters information into a form on a website. I looked at a module called mechanize at first but then I realized that it didn't support javascript. Is there any way to take a piece of information and insert it into a "form" on a website that uses javascript? The website I am using is If you login and then go to a place/business page like this, then you will see a bunch of spots that need to be filled in. I looked at the page source and this "form" uses javascript. I just need a way to fill in those blanks now. Like I said, I tried mechanize and it didn't work but I also googled it and got nothing. The "form" uses "onclick" If you could offer any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
To really do this you need an environment that makes the page think it's really in a web browser. Generally that's sufficiently hard that people go the route of harnessing an actual browser somehow.

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