Drawing anonymous circles in Google Maps

I'm trying to draw a google maps that has multiple Circle overlays, however I do not want to reveal the correct center of the radius. So for example, ``myLatlng`` is my lat/lon center of the radius, I want to draw a circle not around it, but a circle that will **include** that point. This is how I currently draw my circle: var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(33.33333,22.22222); var circle = new google.maps.Circle({ map: map, radius: 3218, strokeColor: "#FFAA00", fillColor: "#00AAFF", fillOpacity: 0.3, center: myLatlng, zIndex: 99999, }); ``33.33333,22.22222`` is a 'secret' location that I do not want to reveal, however I would like to have that point within the circle. Is that possible? Thanks!
Could you just add some random small values to lat/long?

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