Measuring Web Page Performance on Client vs. Server

I am working with a web page ( 3.5) that is very complicated and in certain circumstances has major performance issues. It uses Ajax (through the Telerik AjaxManager) for most of its functionality. I would like to be able to measure in some way the amounts of time for the following, for each request: 1. On client submitting request to server 2. Client-to-Server 3. On server initializing request 4. On server processing request 5. Server-to-Client 6. Client rendering, JavaScript processing I have monitored the database traffic and cannot find any obvious culprit. On the other hand, I have a suspicion that some of the Ajax interactions are causing performance issues. However, until I have a way to track the times involved, make a baseline measurement, and measure performance as I tweak, it will be hard to work on the issue. So what is the best way to measure all of these? Is there one tool that can do it? Combination of FireBug and logging inserted into different places in the page life-cycle?

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