make eclipse work better with javascript

I'm working in a java/eclipse shop writing javascript, coming from a php/netbeans background. So far, I hate eclipse, but I don't want to shift away from the general tool set. (Because of issues with our build system, we're currently on the galileo release.) The syntax coloring is just fine, and I'm learning to live with the cockpit-like interface, but eclipse's outliner doesn't properly recognize things like the [module pattern][1] at all. Nor does it do much auto-completion on my methods. Can I do anything about that? I tried installing Aptana, but so far, I haven't noticed any real improvements in basic editing. I see the [WTP][2], which I may or may not have installed. (How do I find out? :) Would that help? While I'm asking, eclipse does a lousy job with indentation, which I'm constantly having to fix, since I care about such things. Anything to be done about that? [1]: [2]:

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