Should Java Thread IDs always start at 0?

I am working on a mutual exclusion assignment, but when I started I noticed my application's thread ID's start at 9. It doesn't change when I compile and execute it again. Is there some problem I'm missing, or can Java Thread IDs start at an arbitrary number? [This question][1] is related. ---------- For those interested, here is a class from Herlihy & Shavit's "The Art of Multiprocessor Programming" for numbering threads: public class ThreadID { private static volatile int nextID = 0; private static class ThreadLocalID extends ThreadLocal { protected synchronized Integer initialValue() { return nextID++; } } private static ThreadLocalID threadID = new ThreadLocalID(); public static int get() { return threadID.get(); } public static void set(int index) { threadID.set(index); } } You can then call ThreadID.get(); which will automatically increment numbers and always start at 1. [1]:

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