PrimeFaces and org.tuckey urlrewrite filter

I have a problem using JSF 2.0, PrimeFaces and the UrlRewriteFilter. The problem is, that if i add a PrimeFaces-component (e.g. ), the page (or wherever exactly the resources are coming from) doesn't load the core.js where the PrimeFaces-object is defined. Accordingly, the component doesn't load. The core.js-file is located within the primefaces-2.2.RC1.jar (which is within the WEB-INF/lib of the webapp) within the folder META-INF/resources/primefaces/core/core.js. My urlrewrite-rules are the following: / /faces/pages/public/welcome.xhtml /styles/** /styles/$1 /images/** /images/$1 /scripts/** /scripts/$1 /flash/** /flash/$1 /admin/*.xhtml /faces/pages/admin/$1.xhtml /*.xhtml /faces/pages/public/$1.xhtml /** /$1 I guess it's a problem with my rewrite-rules, but i just can't figure out what exactly goes wrong. What i would need would be the URL that is used by PrimeFaces to load the core.js file, so i can analyze what the problems with my rules. Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem? Thank you all for your advices :) Best regards, Robert
Oops, sorry... i meant PrimeFaces-object :)

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