Javascript: adding methods using prototype descriptor

Code: Sorter.prototype.init_bubblesort = function(){ console.log(this.rect_array); this.end = this.rect_array.length; this.bubblesort(); } Sorter.prototype.init = function(array,sort_type){ this.rect_array = array; this.init_bubblesort(); } The code above works as expected, but when I change the init function to: Sorter.prototype.init = function(array,sort_type){ var sort_types = {'bubblesort':this.init_bubblesort, 'quicksort':this.init_quicksort, 'liamsort':this.init_liamsort}; this.rect_array = array; sort_types[sort_type](); } the init_bubblesort function results in an error saying this.rect_array is undefined. I'm trying to wrap my head around why init_bubblesort no longer has access to its instance's variables.

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