Transitioning Away from Flash

I create fullscreen interactive demos in Flash and have recently been looking to migrate to a new language. My Flash demos are basically software prototypes and operate in a projector EXE, outside of the browser. I want to leave Flash for a variety of reasons, including: - Poor quality control in the Flash player - Hardware acceleration issues on both nVidia and ATI resulting in repeateable BSODs - Not enough low-level access to file-system, network In finding a new platform, I need the ability to develop for the following requirements: - Cross-platform (just Mac and PC) - 100% graphics (32-bit transparent PNG) based UI - Fullscreen exclusive mode (if possible, ability to adjust user's screen resolution) - High-quality media playback - H.264/AAC MPEG-4 video up to 1920x1080 - WAV & MP3 audio - Basic UI components - ScrollBar, TextField, etc (preferably skinnable/extensible) - 3D capabilities I would appreciate any recommendations you could make on languages, frameworks, books, websites, etc. I am more knowledgable in Java than in C/C++, so it would be nice to see more recommendations there.
Your Flash movies cause BSOD's?

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