Open-source improvements or replacements for Swing components

I develop a number of desktop Java applications using Swing, and while Swing is quite powerful (once you get the hang of it), there are still a lot of cases where I wish some advanced component was available right out of the box. For example, I'd really like to see easy-to-use components (without writing them myself, which I could do given enough time) like: * Multi-line label * Windows File Explorer-like Icons or Thumbnails view * Drop-down button (like Firefox's old Back button) * 5-star rating widget * Combo box with automatic history (like the text field on Google) * An Outlook-style accordion-style bar * and so on I know of a couple of sources of free Swing components, like SwingLabs, home of JXTable, JXDatePicker, and a few others. **Where do you go for Swing components beyond those included with Java itself?**
Multi-line labels are built into Swing because you can use HTML in JLabels:

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