Instantiate Subclasses from Static Methods

I'm think perhaps there is not a way to do this, but I thought it worth asking. I want to do something like the following: public class Super { public static String print() { System.out.println(new Super().getClass().getSimpleName()); } public Super() {} } public class Subclass extends Super { public Subclass() {} public void main(String[] args) { Super.print(); Subclass.print(); } } My hope is to get the Super.print() to show "Super" and Subclass.print() to show "Subclass". I don't see how to do this from a static context however. Thanks for the help. I'm well aware that I can do this without static methods, and that I can pass a class into each method call. I don't want to do that as that requires redefining several static methods on many subclasses.
You might want to have Subclass extend Super so it can call print() and have print() return a string or change its signature to void...just an FYI.

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