Please help me figure out what's wrong with this web proxy code

I want to write a web proxy for exercise, and this is the code I have so far:

// returns a map that contains the port and the host
def parseHostAndPort(String data) {
    def objMap // this has host and port as keys
    data.eachLine { line ->
        if(line =~ /^(?i)get|put|post|head|trace|delete/) {
            println line
            def components = line.split(" ")
            def resource = components[1]
            def colon = resource.indexOf(":")
            if(colon != -1) {
                URL u = new URL(resource)
                def pHost =
                def pPort = u.port
                return (objMap = [host:pHost,port:pPort])
            else {
                return (objMap = [host:resource,port:80])
    return objMap

// reads a http request from a client
def readClientData(Socket clientSocket) {
    def actualBuffer = new StringBuilder()
    InputStream inStream = clientSocket.inputStream
    while(true) {
        def available = inStream.available()
        if(available == 0)
        println "available data $available"
        def buffer = new byte[available]
        def bytesRead =,0,available)
        actualBuffer << new String(buffer)
    return actualBuffer.toString()

def sock = new ServerSocket(9000)
sock.reuseAddress = true
while(true) {
    sock.accept { cli ->
        println "got a client"
        def data = readClientData(cli)
        def parsed = parseHostAndPort(data)
        def host = parsed["host"]
        def port = parsed["port"]

        println "got from client $data"

        def nsock = new Socket(host,port)
        nsock << data // send data received from client to the socket
        def datax = readClientData(nsock)
        println "got back $datax"
        cli << datax // send the client the response

Right now, all it does is : * read the HTTP request my browser sends * parse the host and port * connect to that host, and write the data received from the client * send the client back the data received from the host But ... it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes it will make a good request, sometimes not. I think it's a buffering issue, I'm not sure. The thing is, I added `flush` calls, and still nothing. Can you spot what I'm doing wrong? EDIT: * I noticed that if I add some `sleep` calls, the proxy seems to "work" on a higher number of requests, but not all of them. * to collect the bounty, help me find out what I'm doing wrong. What's the normal "algorithm" used for a web proxy? Where am I deviating from it? Thanks!

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