NSURLConnection and Javascript

I'm trying to log in into a web page through an iPhone app. I'm using a NSURLConnection to try to connect. The app seems to be logging in correctly but I'm then getting redirected to a page that says I can't continue without Javascript enabled. I'm running all of this through the iPhone simulator that comes packaged with xcode. The curious part is that when I navigate to the same web page with the same information in safari in the iPhone simulator I don't get this reconnect, it sends me to the page I want. Why is using the NSURLConnection giving me this redirect if I have Javascript enabled in the simulator and can navigate to it outside of the app? Thank you for any help.
So I've narrowed it down a bit. It doesnt matter that safari can access the page I want. The problem is that the app/NSURLConnection does not want to run the javascript redirect code on the web page. I still have no solutions though

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