How to update JTextArea in Java Swing?

I have a JComboBox named "jComboBox18" and a JTextArea "jTextArea11". Now I want that whenever a item is selected from the "jComboBox18" combo box its corresponding description is shown in the "jTextArea11" textarea. I have added the appropriate listener to the JComboBox But the JTextArea is not showing any text. The code that I have written is as follows: private void jComboBox18ItemStateChanged(java.awt.event.ItemEvent evt) { Object item = jComboBox18.getSelectedItem(); if(item != null) { ems.logic.Process selectedProcess = (ems.logic.Process)item; jTextArea11.setText(selectedProcess.getProcessDescription()); jTextArea11.updateUI(); jTextArea11.revalidate(); jTextArea11.validate(); } } =====================EDITED=========================================== The method is being called for sure. I am changing the state of one more combobox which is also being written in this method and its state changes successfully whenever item is selected from the "jComboBox18"

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