Wrong number of database records is output by a Java program

I have a table in mySQL and has 3 line which has name ,address,Telephone,Age,Charge. in two of them the names are "Adam" and the last row is "Abas" ,i don't know that why it prints in the console like this,please help me thanks! Statement s; int s4,s5;String s1,s2,s3; List clientList = null; try { s = conn.createStatement(); ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM customer_info WHERE Name LIKE 'A%'"); InfoClass list = null; while (rs.next()) { s1 = rs.getString(2); if (rs.wasNull()) { s1 = null; } s2 = rs.getString(3); if (rs.wasNull()) { s2 = null; } s3 = rs.getString(4); if (rs.wasNull()) { s3 = null; } s4 = rs.getInt(5); if (rs.wasNull()) { s4 = 0; } s5 = rs.getInt(6); if (rs.wasNull()) { s5 = 0; } list = new InfoClass(s1, s2); if (clientList == null) { clientList = new ArrayList(); } clientList.add(list); } for(int i=0;iYour question is extremely confused. Please post the table structure, and the contents of the table. Also, please ask a specific question. What output did you expect? What part surprises you? Without a specific question, your question entry will be closed quickly.

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