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Binding a JSON to a Java class using JAXB

I have the following JSON, where can be either true or false: {"flag1":, "flag2":} And I have tried to bind it to a Java class using Jersey and the following JAXB annotations: @XmlRootElement public class MyClass { @XmlElement(name = "flag1", type = Boolean.class) private Boolean flag1; @XmlElement(name = "flag2", type = Boolean.class) private Boolean flag2; ... } The problem is that when I assign a non-boolean value to 'flag1' or 'flag2', like in the example below, JAXB automatically assigns a false value to the 'flag1' and 'flag2' fields of MyClass. {"flag1":"foo", "flag2":"bar"} Is there a way to annotate 'MyClass' so that when JSON's 'flag1' and 'flag2' are not boolean I get an exception?
JAXB supports JSON now? Or are you using a third-party library?

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