Validate Numbers in Spring

I have a basic doubt in how to proceed in my application. I have a form and I need to validate that all the inputs which are numbers. I have a problem in deciding the type of the attributes of the bean asociated with the form. I don't know if setting them to String or to double and here are the reasons: - If I set them to double: If I enter in the input something which is not a number when spring populates the inputs into the bean I get an Exception in the JSP that it could not convert it into double. - If I set them to String: I have a good validation although I have to change them later to double. But my problem here is that this bean is stored in a database with hibernate and the annotation @column would store it as a text and I would like to store it as if it were a double. Is there any posibility to change the column type to the double deferred type? Does anyone can give me any idea in how to preceed in this case? Thanks.

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