Eclipse extension for opening TIFF (type 4) images?

I need to display a TIFF (type 4) image in Eclipse from a Java stream. TIFFv4 is not supported, so I need an image library. Sun's JAI-ImageIO has native code -- I can't wrap it easily into a plugin. I can't just import jai-imageio.jar (et al) from the lib\ext directory because Eclipse has its own ideas about classpaths. Any suggestions for image extensions / libraries usable in Eclipse? Although I've got the same core code compiling and running on the same Eclipse (Galileo) as a standard Java program, when I make it part of an Eclipse BIRT extension (I modified the RotatedLabel ReportItem example), it fails. What happens is that the code compiles (I added the jars to the jre\lib\ext directory) and it fails at runtime with the following error (in the log file): > SEVERE: Error happened while running the report. > java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/media/jai/PlanarImage > at org.eclipse.birt.sample.reportitem.rotatedlabel.util.GraphicsUtil.createDocImage( > at > org.eclipse.birt.sample.reportitem.rotatedlabel.RotatedLabelPresentationImpl.onRowSets( > at

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